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Mexican Diwali

If you follow my stories on Instagram, you know I was lucky enough to take a magical mycotour to Oaxaca this August.  Struck by the similarities of Mexican and Indian culture, I intended to celebrate a Mexican Diwali. So we have candles, copal and cochineal from Mexico, and rangoli from India. Together we share the beauty and symbolism of marigolds. 



My Diwali thali this year features copal I purchased in the mercado of Teotitlan del valle. I ground up cochineal, an insect cultivated for the vermillion dye, for the tikka or kum kum (red dot symbolizing the activation and opening of the third eye).  In addition to the traditional diya, I I have lichen, a seashell and a bracket fungus. I worship nature. For the mithai, or sweet, I'm offering Ladurée sugared almonds. 


I have loved the beautiful beeswax candles of Teotitlan and was determined to bring a suitcase back to light up my Diwali this year. I'm thrilled to share Mexican Diwali with you. Marigolds for Diwali and for Dia de los Muertos the end of this month. Today is the first day of Diwali, Dhanteras. I send love and light from my home to yours. 


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