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La Bijouterie Française au XIXe Siècle- Henri Vever

This set of three volumes by noted French jeweler Henri Vever are an essential reference for any jewelry library. It is considered a monumental work that is the definitive reference for 19th century French jewelry. Originally printed in 1906(Volume 1) and 1908(Volumes 2 & 3), with a print run of only one thousand numbered copies, this set is a later reprint dated 1976 from an Italian publisher, and is now also out of print. Each volume is lovingly wrapped in glassine.

For those of you who would like to look before you leap, you may browse all three volumes at no charge here.

Henri Vever was a noted collector of Asian, European and Islamic art and is well worth a trip down the old rabbit hole. 

*Please note the item includes all three volumes. The vases photographed are not included.