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Vintage Crocheted Gold Necklace

A vintage hand-crafted collar crocheted in gold. Likely mid-century to 1970s. The necklace is entirely handmade, and the slight curl outwards makes it sit gracefully on the neck.

This gold collar may be worn simply on its own, or with a brooch or a number of pins(please bear in mind the necklace is delicate, so nothing too heavy.) The last photo in the series features a seed pearl & diamond set pansy brooch(with a pendant fitting) affixed to the collar.

Alternatively, you could also thread ribbon through the collar à la Anni Albers. Make it yours.

Chic chic chic.

If anyone knows the artist, please do not hesitate to let me know. 

Materials: 18K yellow gold

Dimensions: Approximately 14.5 inches long & 3 inches wide.

Weight: 25.3 grams