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Anyon nat thwe

Spinel Octahedral & Gold Ring

Set with three intensely saturated, highly polished octahedral spinel crystals, within an 18K gold mounting, with English hallmarks. 

Size: 4.25; may be sized up or down up to one size.

Hallmarks: With London hallmarks; maker's marks NK & NCK


The spinel crystals are perfectly formed octahedral spinels, or what the Burmese call Anyon nat thwe. They consider these crystals to be 'cut and polished by the Gods', and will mount them the spinel crystal in jewelry without any modification. The Smithsonian has a wonderful example of a traditional Burmese bangle set entirely with Anyon nat thwe. [Link]

It is unusual to see the crystals mounted in an English mounting, which is well-made and heavy. The flat sides make it perfect for stacking and/or engraving.