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Lapis Lazuli and Diamond Kinetic Ring, Norman Teufel

This classical design by Norman Teufel features two spinning geometrical elements and a fixed top crowned with a square-cut lapis lazuli on top mounted on 14K. The first two levels showcase round brilliant-cut diamonds. 

Size: 7 

Materials: Lapis lazuli, diamonds and 14K gold.

Stones: 40 brilliant-cut diamonds 

Weight:  5.95 grams

Hallmarks & Stamps: Stamped N. Teufel; 14k; 1975


Norman William Teufel (June 15, 1928 – March 2015) graduated from Seneca Vocational High School in Buffalo in 1946. He developed the 'Spinner' ring in 1971, by incorporating small stainless steel ball bearings on a rail. Soon after, he moved to Beverly Hills, California.

He won the DeBeers Diamonds International Awards in 1975, going on to win another four more DeBeers Diamonds Today Awards. His son, Cameron, joined him in 1970, as an apprentice, and has since taken over the family business.


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