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    Etruscan Revival Gold Bangle, circa 1880

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    This bangle is likely English in origin, dates to the end of the 19th century, when Etruscan Revival jewelry was, as the kids say, on trend. Designed as a series of twisted wire and granulated flowerheads, further accented with larger granule borders.

    Hinged in construction, with a box tongue clasp, and a safety chain, the bangle is in magnificent condition. The delicacy of the twisted wire, the granules and the proportion speak to not just the technical mastery of the goldsmith, but also their eye for design. 

    Finally, although this bangle is 18K gold, the ancients granulated in high karat gold...e.g. 22K. 

    It's heirloom quality, in excellent condition and the clasp has a satisfying click, indicating the timeless quality of the goldsmithing.

    Stamped 18K on the clasp.

    Interior diameter: 2 5/16 inches across