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Vintage 'Adam and Eve' Gold Pendant Objet, Eric de Kolb

Depicting Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden, this pendant is entirely crafted in 14K gold, with a 24K overlay, a signature detail by the artist, for 'an ancient gold effect'. The pendant also rests on a surface and may be admired as an objet d'art.

Materials: 14K yellow gold with a 24k gold overlay

Weight:  68.5 grams

Hallmarks & Stamps: Eric de Kolb and 14K

Eric de Kolb(March 10, 1916 – April 14, 2001) 

An Austrian-born surrealistic artist, painter, sculptor, jewelry and fashion designer, commercial artist, and package designer, Eric de Kolb(née Baron Eric de Kolb-Wartenberg) was born in Vienna in 1916 and died in New York City in 2001. His artistic skills were diverse; his surrealistic paintings were created in a vast array of styles, and his mini sculptures were created in many different styles and materials.

De Kolb was a sculptor and a collector of ancient art. The offered a tour of his home to see his collection on February 20, 1970. De Kolb had a showing of jewelry pieces ranging in value from $20,000 to $40,000 (Aztec Jewelry). The jewelry was unwearable because of the softness of 24kt gold. De Kolb was asked to sculpt replicas of his ancient jewelry and statue collection. He used the cire perdue or lost wax process, in which a tiny wax sculpture is converted to a clay form mold. The mold is heated until the wax flows out, and then filled with 14kt gold. The mold is broken to release the piece, with the result that each cast piece is one of a kind.

A fascinating artist, de Kolb was prolific, developing a reputation for designing nightclubs and villas.