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    Rare Cage Link Necklace

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    Designed as a series of barrel-shaped 'cage' links, in 14K gold. This chain is particularly rare and collectible because the links are NOT soldered. The links are held closed through tension, mimicking the connection of a burr in nature. This delicate and sinuous chain is a tour de force of engineering. It has survived decades of wear, and is in excellent condition. 

    36 inches long. 

    Stamps: BREV, 585, ITALY, Uno a Erre

    Every once in a while, something sublime crosses the desk of a jewelry historian. This chain is one such story. While working on an appraisal earlier this year, this necklace came across my desk. While examining it under magnification, I was amazed to see the links were NOT soldered together. Rather, they were held together by the terminals of the previous link nesting within the bars of the cage of the next link. It's an ingenious design, and was likely produced by a pneumatic press. 

    The chain was produced in Italy for export to the United States during the postwar period. 

    The perfect gift for a collector or an institution. In a word...SWOON.