If you check in on me on any given night, you will find me feverishly sketching designs for some gems scattered on my desk and cutting gemstones. These are the moments in which I feel alive, that I am tapping the full extent of my ability.

I laid the foundation stones for my business by working at Christie’s, the auction house. I also studied jewelry design under A.V. Shinde, a legendary 20th century jewelry designer of the Harry Winston brand for over four decades, a man The New York Times called ‘a leading figure in design known only to cognoscenti,’ and wrote a book titled Shinde Jewels (Assouline, 2004). I lecture on various jewelry topics and most recently served as the President of the American Society of Jewelry Historians, a national non-profit jewelry organization.

I often source an exceptional gemstone or pearl that speaks to me with its character, luster or history. I learned from A.V. Shinde to let the design flow organically from the internal essence of the object. Finally, I meet my creation at the end of the process, when the moment of seeing my vision manifested in metal and stone is tantamount to magic. The energy and magical quality of gemstones, and the alchemy of metal smithing continue to ignite my passion.

Simply, my work is in service of advancing jewelry as art. I design for the gemstone, helping it find its highest expression of itself. The person who wears my jewelry is attracted by the power my jewels confer as talismans and amulets.

I am working towards integrating a multi-faceted vision. I intend to set new benchmarks for integrity not just in design, quality of gemstones and craftsmanship, but also in sourcing.

I heard the jewelry calling in 1995, while studying in Paris. Jewelry design is a constant creative, mental, spiritual, and even physical challenge. Whenever the mundane aspects of running a business catch up to me, I remember the high days-when I was on a private island in Tahiti sifting through a harvest of pearls, or touring with the members of a new women’s small-scale mining cooperative in Kenya, or taken with the ecstasy of inspiration, and remember to give thanks for the privilege of being able to do what I love.

I continue to hunt for the next gem that will captivate and transport me to an expanded state of awareness. I endeavor to conjure jewels that will endure and set the standards of the future.

Exceptional Quality

We offer a wide selection of engagement and wedding rings that range in style from vintage to contemporary handmade settings. We also offer a custom design service if you would like to replicate a family heirloom or if you have a particular design or gemstone in mind. Some couples do decide to go with a colored stone, and we love searching for just the right gem for an important family heirloom.

Marital rings symbolize eternal love -- the circle, with no end or no beginning signifies eternity. Diamond, the hardest natural material, embodies permanence. Each of our diamonds is handpicked for it's color, clarity and proportions by GIA Certified Gemologists. When learning about diamonds, you hear a lot about the '4 Cs', carat weight, color, clarity and cut, all of which are important. We work with those parameters and limit ourselves to high-quality diamonds, and have added a 5th C to the list - a clear conscience.

Ethically Sourced

All the diamonds used in our bridal jewelry are ethically sourced and conflict-free. Moreover, 100% of the gold & platinum we use is recycled. We are grateful for mother nature’s unending gifts of inspiration and materials and seek to keep our relationship balanced in all we do. Sustainability is only one piece of our commitment to social responsibility. We are trying to incorporate a holistic awareness in the way we do business. This means working as close to mine sources as possible in order to assess labor conditions, and also supporting and promoting women and minority owned businesses wherever we can.

LBGT Friendly

We enjoy working with a diverse range of clients and are proud to be an important resource for LBGT couples and other non-traditional couples & families.

Please contact us if you are interested in choosing an engagement ring or would like us to design one for you. We also work with couples to create meaningful gifts for family members, bridesmaids and groomsmen.


55 West 47th Street, Suite 980, New York, NY 10036
T 212.575.0188 F 212.575.0388
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