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    Shinde Jewels

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    Shinde Jewels-From 2000 to 2022

    I recently presented a fresh lecture on Shinde Jewels (Assouline, 2004) for the Glitterati, a Swiss-based women's industry organization. Although I have been lecturing since 2004, when the book was first published, this presentation was special for two reasons. 

    First, this presentation featured unpublished designs and a sumptuous Shinde-designed diamond scroll necklace which appeared on the secondary market in London in 2019. 

    Second, this was the first time I presented my own work. After almost two decades spent building Golconda's reputation for fine and unusual gemstones, I'm finally ready to pivot into designing and conjuring jewels. Presenting my work created over the past few years was a privilege and I thank you for it.

    Thank you to everyone who attended, and to Melissa Wolfgang Amenc of the Glitterati(@theglitterati on IG) for organizing the event. After I speak, I always receive requests for copies of my book. The book was published in 2004, had three print runs, and has been out of print for many years. 

    Over the years, I've bought back copies of my book as I ran out of copies. These are the signed copies listed on this website. Friends & colleagues kindly keep their eyes open too, and have snagged out-of-print copies for me as far away as Japan.

    A colleague recently brought my attention to used copies of Shinde Jewels listed on second-hand book sites for thousands of dollars. 

    Life is so strange. I wouldn't have believed you in 2004 if you told me out of print copies of my book would be selling for more than the original retail price. More than ever, I'm convinced that it is the time to finally craft a comprehensive book and exhibition of Shinde's contribution to the field of jewelry design.

    Your thoughts? Please drop me a line with your ideas. I'd like to hear from you.